Capturing the Essence of Women through Artistry and Nature

A few weeks ago, we got a wonderful opportunity to connect with Anastasia Kovtun, a talented photographer who is currently based in Bali. Her passion and love for photography transcend boundaries. Read more about Anastasia’s journey below on how she shifted her focus from being an architect to what she is now.

What inspired you to start this journey?

I started my journey about a year and a half ago. I have always been interested in photography, but my life had been connected with architecture and interior design. But about a year ago I had a burnout and quit my job as an architect. And how happy I am now that I am doing what I love with all my heart!

I find my main inspiration and passion in women, those who live with love, respect, tenderness, and care for themselves, who shine from the inside. So different, but always true to themselves and gorgeous. I am in love with a huge range of female manifestations. And the wiser is the woman, the wider and deeper is the range of these manifestations. Inside the souls of such women contain a huge amount of facets - a genius and a prankster, love and madness, tenderness and rudeness, majesty and tranquility, strength, and fragility, and indeed everything that comes to her mind. But the main thing is that there is a divine origin inside her, to whom she is faithful. And this divine origin is her heart. Nature does not wait for the best moment - nature creates it. A woman does not wait for better times - she is the best time. For everything.

What is the process of your content creation? Where do you get your ideas from?

My ideas always come from Nature. We are part of Nature, and Nature is the most impeccable artist, right? Everything about Nature is perfect. I find all the answers in Nature.

As for the process, it is paramount for me that each participant of it enjoys and becomes one step closer to himself. It is important for me to show the soul of the model through my art and thus touch the soul of the viewer. Our souls are so pure and I am very happy when trust and honesty reign between the whole team during creation.

What is the most fun project you worked on?

The funniest project I've ever been involved with is a surf camp project in Namibia. Imagine surfing in Namibia! My best friend and I were filming a short film for a surf camp. It was an amazing project because we lived in this camp for a week with the whole team. We got up at 5 in the morning to surf, then we did yoga and met the most interesting people from different parts of the world who visited this camp. Within a week we became a really big and friendly family. This time is forever in my heart

How do you choose your outfits for your content?

It is important for me that clothes are unique, concise, feminine, sophisticated, and made of quality materials! There should be exactly those outfits that I am ready to wear myself. Nowadays it is difficult to find the uniqueness and high quality of materials. And it is even more difficult to find when the clothes are made with love and soul. I want to say that I found all these in Lakor's clothes. And instantly I fell in love with the Lakor brand!

What is your favourite Lakor piece? And why?

Difficult question haha, because I am in love with EVERY part of the brand! When I wear Lakor clothes, I feel very comfortable and amazingly beautiful. I really like how the clothes delicately emphasize the grace and beauty of the female body, whether it's a dress, a top, or a denim suit! I am truly happy to have several items from Lakor in my wardrobe! And yes, recently I saw a DUNE suit with a top and a skirt and I am delighted with it. I really looking forward to trying it on as soon as possible!

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